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Harbor Breeze is a well acclaimed in-house brand of Lowe’s ceiling fans. For almost more than six decades, Harbor Breeze has been providing affordable and at the same time best in class ventilation solutions for office, home and any other living space. The Harbor Breeze fans, are best, to say, they reduce costs, by serving up for both heating and cooling solution, thanks to their reversible thrusters and motors. In spaces that are air conditioned, but too big, for any effect to perpetuate, the Harbor Breeze fans drum up a solution, in class, designed suited for high rise ceilings and the likes perfectly. Not only affordable, but also Harbor Breeze fans have excellent energy ratings, to boast around. Being energy efficient, doubles up the benefit columns, bringing down the electricity bill and at the same time, letting you do your little part, saving the world for better. Best said at last, the main perk based on which you can choose Lowe’s Harbor Breeze fans is the variety it bring at your disposal. Insurmountable, if I may say so.
harbor breeze ceiling fans customer care
To go in perfect synchronization with their best in class products, and their replacement parts, Lowe’s has a whole team of experts dedicated to customer service and to clear up, on any queries, what so many ever happen to tumble on them. Harbor Breeze lets you get all the support from them, right from when you order you shipment from them. You will receive an E-mail when your order has been shipped. This E-mail from Harbor Breeze will include confirmation of purchase, shipping information, and the tracking number you will need to track your order. You can also call 1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) for additional assistance.

With online purchase ruling the roost, it is only natural that Lowe’s has a wide range of credit lines. You can visit, the Lowe’s Credit Services website/blog in their official website for all the details, without a speck left aside.

For any queries about your Lowe’s Credit Card, you can contact their Credit Center, 24*7 , on a weekday or a weekend irrespective of it. For questions about Consumer Accounts you can place your calls to 1-800-444-1408. For any queries about Commercial Business Revolving Accounts, you will be needed to call 1-800-444-1408. Further, any questions about Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts, you can simply dial 1-866-232-7443 and get your entire shambles cleared up.

This website will be updated regularly with Harbor Breeze fan manuals, tips on maintaining fans, finding replacement parts for fans and light kit as well as installation videos and guide. You can Contact Us via this form for any queries related to Harbor Breeze fans. We will try our level best to help you out.

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  • Judi Resnick says:

    Just bought one of your ceiling fans (#0043676) and want to activate it’s mfg warantee but can’t find the serial #. Can you tell me where on the box or the item it can be found? The #’s we did find are: model 00265 and LW024001-072012. But we’re not sure what those are. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.
    Judi Resnick

  • Michael Foerster says:

    I am looking for instruction manual for model # TSL 52 I am also having a proble removing the light to tighten uo the blade mounts and lastly my remote control does not work. I can not find the proper replacement remote, the universal kit receiver will not fit in this fan design. Please reply

    Thank you
    Michael F

  • karen miley says:

    The blade has broken off my fan 52″D5201 E163438. How do I get a replacement blade?

  • wanda gerber says:

    I’m looking for a Harbor Breeze armitage white 42″ blade holder. I believe the part #SGA141. Thank you for any help you can give me. I only found the 52″ blade holder at Lowes.

  • Randy Holly says:

    I have a chandelier light kit that I want to install in my daughters room. I need the plate that goes in place of the light kit that was installed on the ceiling fan. Thanks for any help.

  • Dan says:

    I am looking for a light globe replacement. Can you tell me where to find a model#? Or is there a site to look at globes to match it up with? Thank you.

  • Jeremy says:

    I have an Harbor Breeze 69″ Airspan Ceiling Fan and one of my blades broke due to my 2 year old playing. My question is do you sell singe blades or know where I can find one? Thanks

  • Doris says:

    Looking for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blade for Model # 77461 , one of my blades broke during the move , where can I order new blades ! Love this ceiling fan !

  • bill says:

    i have 2 outdoor harbor breeze ceiling fans, one of them I’m in need of the brackett that holds the blade. One has broken. Can you help?

    thank you!

  • Albert Colon says:

    I bought a harbor breeze southlake ceiling fan, model LP8055LAZ.

    Im looking for instruction on how can I add a remote control unit to this fan model?


  • Albert Colon says:

    I bought a habor breeze southlake ceiling fan, model # LP8055LAZ

    I’m looking for intruction on how to install a remote control unit to this fan model.


  • Beverly says:

    LC70801 I have 3 remote ceiling fans and want to program each remote to turn on each fan individually, as of now one remote turns on all 3 lights/fan in different rooms at the same time, very frustrating. We have had these fans for a while and no longer have the manual. Please advise.

  • Robert Burridge says:

    When changing the bulb on my HarborBreeze ceiling fan/light the other 2 bulbs popped and there is no power to the bulb sockets (but the fan is working). Took it apart and it might be the module (model:YU-190LM) needs to be replaced. It has a date code of 0109. Where can I get the replacement module?

  • Greg Baxter says:

    I purchased a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan model #0043676 and it all works fine , but the remote will only turn light on/off , and does not work on the fan part . The fan works by pulling the chain on all three speeds , just not able to control by remote . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Side note the room it is in , has a power/light switch on both sides of the room .





  • Alan Marani says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze Tilghman ceiling fan . I need to know the electric specs for the fan — what is the ampere rating for theses fans ?

  • judy allen says:

    I purchase 3 ceiling,lite,remote,fans. two of the the remote will not do anything,the third will turn the fan on med only. I purchace these fans in Sept. 2012.What do I need to do?

  • Donald says:

    I need to replace the blade holder (1) that just broke off and I purchase it year ago. i have 52 inches Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with light at lowes and I don’t think i will be able to find the receipt for that. can you help me with that or something ?

  • Richard Sexton says:

    I purchased a 52′ fan a bout a year ago but didn’t open the box until a week ago when I finished remodeling my bedroom. I almost finished putting the fan together to install it and there was no blade holder screws anywhere in the box. None, Nowhere to be found. My wife threw away the box on accident after a few days of discovering there wasn’t any screws, so now I can’t remember the model name. Can you please help me and send me some replacement screws? The fan has 6 blades and they are the only thing left I need to finish installing my fan. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • Tol Wade says:

    I purchased 2 Harbor Breeze 52″ Crosswinds ceiling fans last month. I had them professionally installed. They worked great until we had a power outage. Now they won’t work at all – from the remote or the pull chains. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Dan says:

    Harbor breeze fan, no lite kit, 2 speeds….super slow and barely move on pull chain switch. Fan is no good for me if it doesn’t move air. Why so slow?

  • stephen duda says:

    I purchased a ceiling fan some time age. 52″ five blade, flush mount with a light kit. when running ccw runs fine even at high speed. When running cw wabbles so bad that I cannot use at high speed.

  • heriberto vallecillo says:

    blade holder snapped from my harbor breeze cieling fan model F5201 E163438 HOW CAN I OBTAIN A REPLACEMENT

  • Greg McKellar says:

    I bought a ceiling fan model # CF552H-H. It has not gotten a great deal of use and the motor is shot. I can not seem to find anywhere on line, a place to order a new one. Your CS phone number rolls over to Lowe’s. What’s with that? Please help.

  • Carlos Gomez says:

    I have 2 fans and when i programmed the remote control of one, it has the same frequency of the other fan. Re-program each fan with its respective remote and always have the same result. Same frequency for both fans. How can i have different Frequencies?

  • Patrick Shannon says:

    Have a D5201 with light kit, light started smoking bad, pulled it off, now need a switch cover,but can find no parts anywhere, people at Lowes just shrugged their shoulders.

  • Josh Vest says:

    Got a Harbor Breeze 5 blade fan Item #0044687 with a date code of 0112. Put it up in around March of this year and from what I gather the motor is shot. No lights or fan working, now I just have a fancy hunk of wood and metal hanging from my ceiling. Is this common for a $100 item to last a little more than 6 months? Very disappointed. What can be done about this?

  • Megan Ann Cappaert says:

    I just purchased and installed harbor breeze Santa Ana model #LP8294LBN. I want to turn off or disconnect the beep that happens every time the light switch is turned on. It’s very disturbing and loud to my roommates and cats. There are instructions on how to turn off fan beep…you would think there is a way for light too. Please help!!!

  • Frank J Witt says:

    my mother (70 y/o) bought 2 HB fans #0204925 from our local Lowe’s store # 1853 after consulting with a sales person on the floor. She was told that the fans were indoor / outdoor fans that she wanted for her covered deck near the pool…well, it has been only a month or so and the fan blades are already “drooping” because of the moisture of the Florida weather…I stopped by and saw that NO WHERE on the box did it say the fans were indoor/outdoor and was curious if their are re-placement blades that I can but here so I don’t have to buy new fans or will the fans not last long in this environment ?? Thanks you for your reply.

  • ron says:

    Do you have or have plans to make a fan control switch to work with Wifi or Bluetooth from an Iphone 5

  • Paul Mason says:

    I need a replacement blade (or blades ) for a 52 inch 985 E163438 ceiling fan. Where can I find these parts?

  • Denis T says:

    I purchased a Harbour Breeze utilty ceiling fan for my new workshop. Model #C-UT56TBC3M

    I had it installed by my electrician. This model comes with the wall 5 speed control. I find it too fast even on speed 1. to me speed 1 should be 3 or 4.

    It is actually uncomfortable working under it at its low speed. is there a way to make it slower?

    it looks great and works great other than it is too fast…

  • F JEAN says:

    My 10 year old fan (purchased at Lowes) has apparently caught fire because the fan doesn’t work and when opened up the wires inside we’re all charred. This fan was a timeless piece and really brought serenity to our family room. What are my warranty options?

  • Ronnie says:

    fan will not work after 2 months of perfect operation, how do I get a manual for the Harbor Breeze platinum series item 0464466 model LP8294LBN

  • Ginette says:

    I bought 2 outdoor Harbour Breeze fans 2 years ago at Lowes and last week my husband accidentally broke one of the globes/glass fixture. I have travelled, phoned and emailed every Lowes and lighting companies in Phoenix trying to find a replacement.
    Nobody carries this part! Where can I go, who can I talk to? I don’t need the lighting fixture, just the globe. I am feeling ripped off as I will probably have to buy a new fan. Help?

  • Chris Cermak says:

    I have a harbor breeze fan for about 2 years and lost 2 out of 3 speeds on the fan. I replaced the switch and still have the same problem. What else could be the problem ? Did the motor go bad ? Lowes no longer sells the I bought. Please let more know my options , I don’t want to buy new fan cause I spent a lot for this one. Thanks for any help

    • Rich@146 says:

      I read your comment and for a moment I thought I had already asked my question. I have the same problem. From what I can read this may be a capacitor issue. I don’t have the paperwork or manual on this fan and it’s about 10 years old, I don’t even know what the model # or name is. Also from this website I don’t see too many people getting help or answers. Just sayin’

  • Dayton says:

    Hello we purchased a 70 in remote ceiling fan to go up in our front hallway which is 20 ft with 10 ft ceilings. We wanted remote because naturally we cannot reach it. We just finished the walls and powered the fan direct with no switches (not wanting a switch in hallway) fan worked when installed then nothing. Bought a new remote with switches in remote still nothing and (yes there is power to fan) any suggestions tired of spending money with no results

  • Mike Coburn Jr says:

    I have a Habor Breeze Southlake Ceiling Fan. Model #LP8055LAZ. I installed it with a wall switch and a dimmer to turn it on and control light brightness. It is wired 2 fans in sequence. When they are on 1 fan spins slower than the other. Is this a fan problem or a wiring issue.


    • grpjr says:

      Fans wired in “sequence” are installed improperly and as such usually the one on the end of the run will suffer loss of power. Each should be on it’s own leg, or a higher amperage switch specifically designed for multi fan use should be installed.

  • Duncan says:

    I just replaced an old Harbor Breeze fan with another new Harbor Breeze model (52″ Tiempo), however the new fan is paired with a Lutron Maestro fan/light switch (MA-LFQ3-WH) which is also new. Whenever I change the fan speeds either from the wall switch or the pull chain, the body/light kit of the fan moves/rotates a few inches, this never happened with my previous fan…any thoughts on what’s causing the issue?

  • Anastasia says:

    I have two identical 52″ ceiling fans with light. There are Harbor Breeze models but i donr know which one. They are borh controlled by remotes. At the monent each remote controls both fans. Can someone tell me where the remote receiver is hidden so that i can change the dip switches and fix this remote “uniqueness” issue :)


  • Walker Banning says:

    I tried to download the manual for Avian Ceiling Fan Model #L05BN, but was unsuccessful. I think the manual is your item #0075849. I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the manual in a pdf to: w44b2244@gmail.com

    Thank you for your help.

  • Katherine Latham says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze twin ceiling fan. Model# and age is not available. The fan is silver all over. I need instructions on how to assemble so I can unasemble it and take it down. One of the two fans are not working properly and keep hitting the cross bar between the two fans.

  • Vicki Shivel says:

    In April of 2014 I purchased the #0003489 Harbor Breeze outdoor ceiling fan. Here at just 4 months later the globe has fell off and busted! All I need is the globe for this fan. Where can I purchase only the globe please?

  • Ryan says:

    I’ve recently purchased the Santa Ana, but I’ve realized that the blades hang down much lower than I expected. Is there a down rod that’s is shorter than the included 6″?

    • Robert James says:

      I also have several Santa Ana fans to install throughout my home, as the fans have the style I like, are energy efficient and quiet. I was also looking for shorter rods, and I find that the 6″ rod that comes with the kit is shorter than what Harbor Breeze sells independently (the minimum I found was 12″). I’m planning on cutting down a rod to about 4″. My plan is to cut off the unthreaded end, and using a drill press, drill the hole for the hanging pin.

  • Pablo Romay says:

    Hi. I bought 3-4 months ago the model 0020776 Armitage 52 in Ceiling Fan White
    It is the second time i buy it because its nice and has a great price.
    But I want to complain that you put a very bad motor in it, because only after 3-4 months of moderate use it is making noise while working. It is so nice to sleep with the fan on and hear almost nothing, as it was when new. And now it has started to make that electric current sound as if it was many years old.
    Should i forget about having a good product because it is sold cheap?
    And the other one i have of course is more noisy since it is older. I have tried to repair it and the technician told me it is more expensive to fix it!
    I hope you consider my comment.

  • Robert James says:

    I have 4 Santa Ana fans to install in various rooms in the house, but I’ve run into a problem: the remotes only have 2 channel settings, which means I’m going to have multiple fans keyed to the same remote settings. Turning on one will turn on any others keyed the same way. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get additional remote settings?

  • John says:

    You really need a better sales website. Trying to find a fan on the lowest site with specific features like “dc motors” is a pain. There is no detail on which fans have the dc motors and which do not. There is no way to even see if you switched all the fans to dc motors. Rare to find a brand that hides information from their customers. geez. Guess I’ll buy hunter since i can find information about their products outside of Lowes.

  • cara says:

    My fan was installed when I bought my house almost 4 years ago. This past weekend I went to turn on my ceiling fan and I heard the bulb pop and go out. A few seconds later I noticed a very strong odor of burnt plastic. I turned it off and couldn’t figure out where that smell was co from. An hour later I turned it back on and the lights started flickering and I heard 3 more pops and my bulbs went out. The smell kept getting stronger. We disconnected the power immediately and took the fan down and inside the lighting house theres a black box. Our black box was completely burnt inside. Had I not been home this would have caught fire. I’m having one heck of a time trying to get a hold of customer service. I need a number or for someone to contact me.

  • Robert says:

    I have a 44in mazon. I changed the light bulb and now my remote will not dim the light or turn off/on. I reset everything and it still does not work. What is the problem?

  • james pata says:


  • Dennis Rozumalski says:

    I purchased a Kingsbury Ceiling Fan, Model #40190. It was installed by an electrician in Oct. It was working fine until yesterday. I think the issue is with the remote. The light turns on and off, but I can’t turn the fan off.

    • me says:

      I am having the same problem with a Saratoga model that is less than a year old, fan will not turn off with remote. even tried replacing remote battery. finally got it to turn off by first holding down the breeze button ( the one at 6 o’clock on the remote, right above the blue lightbulb) after i held that in for 30 seconds, i then held the power button for about 30 seconds, started beeping high and low tones. shut off after i released it, worked fine after that but it’s only been a day

  • a customer says:

    These fans are garbage! The fan switch just broke and is not replaceable with anything sold at Home Depot! POS!

  • grpjr@live.com says:

    Harbor Breeze, Hampton Bay, Hunter-Casablanca, Homestead, Davenport, Emerson… are ALL bid-outs to the cheapest manufacturer available that year. Parts are not supposed to be available… for long. Most people find this out the hard way ( $!) GulfCoast Fans sold exclusively at Dan’s Fan City are the only ones that last, are made by the same manufacturer of over 30 years, and therefore have parts available to match their true extended motor warranties!

  • Edward Dyer says:

    I brought. A light. From. Home. Depot. 8 months later. It doesn’t. Work.? Really. Sad

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