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Everything you want to know about the Harbor breeze Light Kit

Harbor breeze is one of the most sought after brands in the home improvement department. Be it their ceiling fans, lighting solutions or any other home improvement tools and other accessories, Harbor breeze is one name you can reckon with and you will not regret it at all. The best thing about any Harbor breeze product is that they are energy efficient which is more than enough reason to buy them, because if you get your math right you will know that your electricity bill will be reduced to a great extent. This is indeed welcome information to anyone, especially during these tight financial times. Now, there’s more to Harbor breeze than just energy efficiency, there’s the fact that they have such a huge variety that come in various shapes, colours and sizes that you can very well choose the design that suits your home the best.


When you buy the harbor breeze ceiling fans, you will see that it has a beautiful lamp shade right in the centre. This often serves a double purpose, of circulation as well as lighting. You can also have the option of choosing different lamp shades, or if in case the bulb or shade is damaged then you can get similar ones or an entirely new set. A Harbor breeze light kit is available with the official Lowe’s online shop and also with the official harbor breeze website. Depending on the model of the ceiling fan you have chosen, the light kit will vary in shape as well as size.

Starting at just $25, the harbor breeze light kit is just a click away. The most common light kit models are the white matte finish kit, the Westinghouse light kit, the light brushed nickel with bowl shade, and the light brass ceiling fan light kit and so on. You could choose one among any of them, or there are a lot more varieties you will come across once you go through their catalogue, and believe me when I say that it is huge and you will certainly take time in deciding which one to purchase. There are so many other advantages you will get to experience. For instance, these are easy to fix light fixtures that will give you no hassle when you try fixing it yourself. A Harbor breeze light kit generally consists of two or three lamp shades, with the corresponding inner bulbs and also the accompanying screws and bolts.

harbor breeze light kit opal frosted glass

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are as popular for their illumination as they are for efficient cooling and heating purposes. So, to sum it all up, it isn’t just about the affordable price, or the energy efficiency, it is the whole package that matters, and this is where Lowe’s products never fail to exceed expectations. Should you have any kind of query or complaint (which is a rare possibility), you can always bank on their customer support which has always been prompt and will give you their best service, at all times.

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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – Light Problems

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans have grown to be one of the inexplicable brands, sought after for years, speaking of ceiling fans. Multi utility has also been a scoring point for Lowe’s in-house brand, Harbor Breeze, illumination being the foremost features of it. These illuminating solutions also have their fair share of faulty complaints and the corresponding solutions. To know more, read on.

The bulb wattage that comes with the ceiling fan kit is one of the majorly recurring problems in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Most of the complementing décor ceiling fans, in an effort to live up to the antiquities look or the regale look of the fan and the kit. These high wattage light bulbs often blow off, even when only the fan has been used habitually but not the bulbs. Candelabra bulbs are the ones prone to this ‘blown off’ phenomenon.  The problem is the frequency of bulbs blowing out. Even without using the fan. Even having tried reducing the wattage bulb used down to 40 and people still have been experiencing blowouts. You can search your local supplier for rough service light bulbs or replace with Compact Florescent CFC bulbs which have no filaments, they seem pricey but they last for a good 5 years and use 75 percent less energy.

Another recurring problem with the lighting kit in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the dimness of the light bulbs in many a products. The 52″ Harbor Breeze Avian ceiling fan with a built-in light kit from Lowe’s is one of the products which have this dimness of the light problem. There is one but simple solution to this problem, you can simply hold down on the green light button on the remote and it acts as a dimmer for the light in the ceiling fan.

Often while dissembling and again fitting it back on the wall mountings, the pull chains and the light sockets go off the base power. It can be one of those black boxes in the switch housing something to look at or are the fan capacitors. The wiring can often be the problem in these difficulties, coming out of the fan are 4 wires, white, black, blue, green or bare. Bare goes to house bare ground wire, white to house neat(white), black to house black, blue to switched wire from the wall switch, it could be red, black or white, and that is where I suspect you miswired. Another way to get the light to work is connect the blue and black together and operate the light from its’ own pull chain switch. Also, make sure these are connected to the same hot wire from the ceiling box.

Pull chains going out of use is often a misdemeanor. The problem though oft based on forced handling of the pull chains, than faulty snippets, warrants a solution. You can change the light switch inside the housing. You can take the bottom 2 screw out and it will come down to get at it. You can pull apart the 2 wire so it will be easy for you to change the switch or take it to the store to get replace, or buy a new one. You can also try, to take it down and change the switch. It’s a little usually brown box inside where the chain connects.

Sometimes the Harbor Breeze fan acts like a strobe light, with no remote control working, and just the flip switch working. The problem is in the light relay. turn the power off then take the light kit off and you will see a relay that is connected to the lights, just cut the wires going into it and connect them to the wires coming out and throw the relay away. Now, put everything back together and flip the switch. Problem solved in a jiffy. This problem also sounds like the fan has experienced some sort of electrical surge. The receiver in the fan may be permanently damaged, or NOT. Find out what circuit breaker your fan is on, and shut it off, and leave it off for 2 minutes. Then turn it back on. If the problem still exists, the damage is likely permanent, and you may have to have it repaired from the Harbor Breeze customer service wing.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans possess great power effectiveness regulates due to their top quality engines. Additionally they include life time guarantees. A few trustworthy medical as well as technologies security government bodies also have licensed these types of fans because of its security issues. Are put in to any kind of housing space and may be located from Lowe’s location. Which means that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be found from online retailers and many of these price about $50. Harbor Breeze fans are available along with a number of add-ons that may effortlessly enhance or even incorporate in to the operating from the fans. Harbor Breeze fans tend to be suitable for a variety of space or even enclosures.

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