Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – Light Problems

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans have grown to be one of the inexplicable brands, sought after for years, speaking of ceiling fans. Multi utility has also been a scoring point for Lowe’s in-house brand, Harbor Breeze, illumination being the foremost features of it. These illuminating solutions also have their fair share of faulty complaints and the corresponding solutions.

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The bulb wattage that comes with the ceiling fan kit is one of the majorly recurring problems in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Most of the complementing décor ceiling fans, in an effort to live up to the antiquities look or the regale look of the fan and the kit. These high wattage light bulbs often blow off, even when only the fan has been used habitually but not the bulbs. Candelabra bulbs are the ones prone to this ‘blown off’ phenomenon.  The problem is the frequency of bulbs blowing out. Even without using the fan. Even having tried reducing the wattage bulb used down to 40 and people still have been experiencing blowouts.

You can search your local supplier for rough service light bulbs or replace with Compact Florescent CFC bulbs which have no filaments, they seem pricey but they last for a good 5 years and use 75 percent less energy.

Another recurring problem with the lighting kit in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the dimness of the light bulbs in many a products. The 52″ Harbor Breeze Avian ceiling fan with a built-in light kit from Lowe’s is one of the products which have this dimness of the light problem. There is one but simple solution to this problem, you can simply hold down on the green light button on the remote and it acts as a dimmer for the light in the ceiling fan.

Often while dissembling and again fitting it back on the wall mountings, the pull chains and the light sockets go off the base power. It can be one of those black boxes in the switch housing something to look at or are the fan capacitors. The wiring can often be the problem in these difficulties, coming out of the fan are 4 wires, white, black, blue, green or bare. Bare goes to house bare ground wire, white to house neat(white), black to house black, blue to switched wire from the wall switch, it could be red, black or white, and that is where I suspect you miswired. Another way to get the light to work is connect the blue and black together and operate the light from its’ own pull chain switch. Also, make sure these are connected to the same hot wire from the ceiling box.

Pull chains going out of use is often a misdemeanor. The problem though oft based on forced handling of the pull chains, than faulty snippets, warrants a solution. You can change the light switch inside the housing. You can take the bottom 2 screw out and it will come down to get at it. You can pull apart the 2 wire so it will be easy for you to change the switch or take it to the store to get replace, or buy a new one. You can also try, to take it down and change the switch. It’s a little usually brown box inside where the chain connects.

Sometimes the Harbor Breeze fan acts like a strobe light, with no remote control working, and just the flip switch working. The problem is in the light relay. turn the power off then take the light kit off and you will see a relay that is connected to the lights, just cut the wires going into it and connect them to the wires coming out and throw the relay away. Now, put everything back together and flip the switch. Problem solved in a jiffy. This problem also sounds like the fan has experienced some sort of electrical surge. The receiver in the fan may be permanently damaged, or NOT. Find out what circuit breaker your fan is on, and shut it off, and leave it off for 2 minutes. Then turn it back on. If the problem still exists, the damage is likely permanent, and you may have to have it repaired from the Harbor Breeze customer service wing.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans possess great power effectiveness regulates due to their top quality engines. Additionally they include life time guarantees. A few trustworthy medical as well as technologies security government bodies also have licensed these types of fans because of its security issues. Are put in to any kind of housing space and may be located from Lowe’s location. Which means that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be found from online retailers and many of these price about $50. Harbor Breeze fans are available along with a number of add-ons that may effortlessly enhance or even incorporate in to the operating from the fans. Harbor Breeze fans tend to be suitable for a variety of space or even enclosures.

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    • Hi, we purchased a discontinued harbor breeze fan that is chrome, and has three halogen light fixtures that are adjustable. The fan works fine when the light kit is attached, but the lights will not work. It appears that two components on a circuit board labeled with 941VO HC-D and E325256 are burnt. The fan requires this light kit to work, and we would really like the entire ensemble to work because it meets our décor needs, and my son loves it. I can’t find the circuit board, I contacted harbor breeze and they said just buy a universal light kit. That won’t work for this because the controls for the fan are also within the light kit (the pull cord) – this light kit has a harness connection, not just wires, but the universal kit we bought just comes with a black and white wire, so we could not doing any testing. Please help.

      • I have the same problem. None of the buttens on the remote work. I don’t have a chain or a switch. I’ve changed the barriers several times. I’m using lamps and flashlights in both rooms.

    • My Harbor Breeze Hive Fan was installed in my kitchen without the light, on a slider switch so I wouldn’t have to keep track of remote. The fan has been on pretty much 24/7, but suddenly stopped working. My installer found that the remote receiver in the fan had to failed and the wires that ran into it had to be rerouted to the fan motor directly. Works like a charm

  1. I have a “Harbor Breeze 52-in Edenton Polished Pewter Ceiling Fan with Light Kit” that recently has started doing the light flickering. The bulbs used were the ones that came with the fan, assuming the bulbs were bad we tried CFLs and the problem persists.

    Any help would be much appreciated. This model has no remote or dimmer.


  2. I have a Harbor Breeze light kit that blew the thermal fuse. It has a white and pink wire and is white in color. Where do I find a replacement? What is the part number? It is rated at 130 degrees. If I bypass it the lights work. No idea why it blew.

  3. I have a Harbor Breeze fan and my suite mate graduated he left his light bulbs in the same fan so i swapped them out. However when i turned on my fan they flash and go out. When i turn off the power ill hear a click and then they will just flash quick again and go out after the power is returned. Is there any way to change this since it did not happen to the same fan in the other room?

    • John, heres what you do you buy a tone and probe. Open up the housing where your lights are on the fan. you should have a black and white wire going to a pull string switch. place the probe next to those two wires make sure the wall light switch is turned on. if you get tone letting you know there is power to that point then its obvious the pull string switch is bad. Buy a replacement at hd or lowes for $3.50 and install it.

  4. I have a harbor breeze ceiling fan with light kit and remote control. When first installed, it worked perfectly. After a summer of running the fan, I tried to turn it off for the fall/winter months, only to find out I couldn’t. The fan is controlled by remote only. I threw the circuit breaker and stopped the fan and took it down thinking the wiring must be wrong somehow. I put it back up, same way it came down, and it worked fine. It has been off all winter. Now it won’t come back on. The battery in the remote is fine and the circuit breaker is in on position. Have not taken it apart. What do I look for? Any ideas?

  5. the light kit on my fan recently stopped working i ordered a new one from lowes and the diameter is smaller than the original. i have contacted lowes and they informed me that i have the correct part for the fan but i assure you it is too small to mount in properly.

    • We have the exact same problem but it’s stuck in the off position. We’re trying to sell our house so this just doesn’t look good. Let me know if you get this resolved and I’ll do the same.

  6. My light kit on my 52″ ceiling fan has gone out. The light bulbs kept blowing including the CFC’s I checked voltage and it has 121V into the fan but going into the light kit from the bottom of the fan is 82V. The fan is working fine. Please advise if there is a complete wiring diagram and parts avaliable for repair of this issue?

  7. I have a harbor breeze 52″ non remote ceiling fan. I turned the lights on
    One day to see a bright blue flash then no lights. Checked bulbs
    Found one blown. It had small amounts of black inside the bulb.
    Replaced blown bulb and turned on light switch, no light. Removed kit
    From fan and tested voltage. 120 at the light wires. So I thought it
    Was the switch in the light kit. Replaced switch reinstalled on fan
    Turned power on and still no lights. Please help.

  8. We have TWO 52″ Crosswinds Fans Item # 0044622 / Model # 00264. Almost a year old. Just recently the lights of one in a bedroom, started flashing … like strobe lights. Had my father look at it since we were afraid it could be a short or due to power surge. It appears the light kit/ REMOTE RECEIVER is the issue. Not hot or overheated … but does not work. The remote works the fan (all speeds/on/off) perfectly … but if you turn the light on, it will stay on for a minute or two, flash like a strobe light and then shut off permanently even while the fan still works. We need a new REMOTE RECEIVER … but do not think we have to pay for it since the fan is not nearly a year old. An immediate problem as of this morning … no warning whatsoever. No website, no email … just a customer service number that of course has no one working on the weekends to answer questions or to get a replacement part from.

  9. I have a harbor breeze ceiling fan with remote control. After couple of years of use the lights stopped working. The remote controller wont start the fan nor the lights. So i removed remote controller control unit and the fan works with the switch but no lights even though i hv connected them directly. So i was wondering how i could get the lights to work. Do I need to replace the whole light kit? Or is there a capacitor or a pull chain switch which needs to be replaced ? Or is there a way to operate the lights using a seprate switch? Any help in this regards is appreciated.

  10. Thank you Martin! I had already figured out what was wrong, but didn’t know if it was safe to remove that part.
    My light kit had stopped working, even though the fan still worked, and of course I had already changed the light bulbs.
    I started by looking at all the attachments between the light kit and fan, and between the ceiling and remote and fan. Then I opened the light kit itself. My non-contact live wire tester helped, I finally found the one wire that didn’t have power, the blue one leaving the little black box that the wire from the pull chain goes into. I figured I would try removing that black box, but I wanted to confirm from someone else that this was safe.
    Your post is the only one I have found online that was helpful. I can’t believe most people reply “change the light bulb” ???!!! Do those people think others are stupid, are they that stupid themselves, or are they trying to be funny?

    Then there are those who give word for word what the instruction manual said, and they obviously think they are helping because of the amount of time they spent typing that response, but it just comes out being condescending. Any person who is comfortable enough to even start taking apart the wiring of a fan will know what the instructions for assembling the fan are, the part I had issues with comes in the box from the manufacturer already assembled, the installation instructions won’t do any good.
    Anyway, sorry for my rant, not directed at you, mainly letting you know why you are helpful while so many others aren’t. You explained things that aren’t included in the manual that came in the box. Thank you.
    Now I have to rest, my power box is outside, I’ve been going up and down a ladder in and out of the house, trying to pin down what was wrong. My arms hurt too, working over my head isn’t a usual activity for me. I am so glad that I hinted for a non-contact live wire finder for my last birthday!

  11. Purchased a new light kit for my fan – the same fan it’s recommended to be used with. I installed the kit, however I could not get the light kit to turn on. I returned it, installed a new one…same issue – no lights turn on. The fan still works fine with or without the light kit. What am I missing? I assume that means something is wrong inside the fan, correct? Is there a switch on the light kit (aside from the pull cord) that I’m missing? I know my connections are good and I know the fan works…so what else is there? Thanks.

  12. Just bought a 52″ crosswinds installed everything properly and for some reason the controler will not turn the lights off or on i have to do it manualy. I have already tried the troubleshooting and it still doesnt work how can i get a new control box and remote through the warranty?

  13. I just put the Harbor Breeze 2-Sone 100 CFM Nickel Bathroom Fan with Light
    Item #: 200366 | Model #: 80206 from Lowes in my bathroom.

    I had a certified electrician install the box and I installed the fan. The night light does not work.

    Can you call me or write an email to let me know what to do about it.

    Thank you.


  14. I have a Harbor Breeze 3 and the light kit recently stopped working. I replaced the switch to the lights and that didn’t help. Do I need a new light kit or is there something else that I need to look at first?


  15. I have 2 Harbor Breeze 52″ Tilghman 0294981 fans and 2 Harbor Breeze light kits 0317150. the light kits will not work on either fan. Is there a known problem here that I am not seeing?

  16. Like most others, my Harbor Breeze fan was working just fine, but the lights wouldn’t turn on. When we took the light unit off from the fan unit we found that the black box inside burnt up. Not sure what to do about this. Very thankful more damage wasn’t done. This fan/light was already installed when I bought my house 1 year ago. Not feeling great about this brand.

  17. I have a Harbor Breeze fan that I installed two years ago. Within the last month, the lights started flickering and at times, will not even illuminate. The fan works without a problem. I have checked grounding wire and live wires…no issues.

    Do I need to replace the light kit or is there another way to re-wire?



  18. My Harbor Breeze fan has a remote, and the speeds of the high setting are low, even when I pull the ceiling fan on the highest setting – Why is this fan speed so low – Its HOT!! Is the little black switch has something to do with it – its at the down setting…

  19. I also have a harbor breeze ceiling fan. Has been working excellent for around 8 months and recently the lights have started to flicker. Now the lights will not work at all. But fan works fine. Any solutions?

  20. First off can I say that it would be so helpful, if the answers to everyones lighting problems could be seen by everyone. This would make it so they can get a quick and easy explanation without having to email and wait on a response. Second, I have two Harbor Breeze fans and both of the lighting units have become so dim that they no longer put out any light. I’ve replaced the batteries on the remote, replaced the light bulbs and checked the wires and have resorted to emailing to find a solution. Since these fans are a little pricey, I’m not wanting to replace them with something else and be out of the money that I’ve spent.
    And, Please consider answering concerned questions publicly.. It seems like a lot of people have a lighting issue
    Thank you

    • I agree, I have a problem with the light. It turns on then goes right off? I can’t get a straight answer either, very frustrating , all solutions should be in the public domain since so many are having this problem. I still have the original light that came with the crosswinds 52, do not want to buy a light package if it is only a receiver or capacitor that is the problem, Thank you Sarah for voicing what we all want, answers we can see!

  21. How to replace lite bulb in ceiling fan. It might sound ridiculous, but I have no idea how to remove the bulb from the cylinder. Can someone please help me. I depend on part of the fan light to light up my kitchen. Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

    • The light on our Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is stuck on. Will not turn off with remote control at all. Both light and fan do turn off when the wall switch is turned off. What is wrong and what can I do to correct the problem?

  22. We just built our house and moved into in April. I ordered identical ceiling fans for my two daughters and the builder used a licensed electrician to install them. I had already been into my oldest daughter’s room to replace light bulbs. Tonight she came to me and told me that the light kept shutting off in her room. The fan and the light have their separate pull chains as well as separate light switches. I replaced both light bulbs with new light bulbs but after a few minutes of waiting I was left sitting in the dark. It is after hours so I will have to call the toll free number in the morning.

  23. I am having the same issue as others on the site. My fan works fine, but my lights are not working. I took apart the black box and the circuit board seems to have been charred. Is there a way that I can bypass this box, and if not what part can I purchase to fix the fan.

  24. I have a new home and there are four Harbor Breeze fans installed. Two of them have an annoying ‘click’ sound. It’s not a consistent ‘beat’; it’s frequent and loud enough to keep you awake at night. We use the fans only in the heat of the summer for about 2-3 months so they haven’t been used that often. The ‘click’ sound just began on the second fan (in our bedroom which is why I just noticed it).

    Any help would be appreciated.


  25. I purchased the Harbor Breeze 52″ Dubois Brushed Copper Ceiling Fan and Light Kit ( model # E-DM52BCP5CS) two years ago. Looks great and has supplied need lighting in our breakfast nook. Recently, turned the wall switch on, heard a pop, smelled electrical burning and the lights failed. Took light apart and found wires connecting to Model no. 98480X, part no. 98480-09 burnt and the plastic casing melted. I want to find a replacement light, but can’t find one. Like the color and style, but is it worth trying to replace or even replacing the whole fan and light? Help!!!

  26. Same problem. I have multiple Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans. I recently purchased some light kits but no power is getting to the light kit wires. I have not remotes so I am wondering if that may also be a related problem.

  27. I posted a few posts above. On July 7th my youngest daughter came to me. Her fan was working but now her light was malfunctioning as well. Lowes.com did not approve the first review I submitted of the Harbor Breeze fan. I have taken to facebook to relieve some of my frustration over the situation. Lowe’s called me this evening to tell me that my electrician who wired other fans made by other companies must be incompetent and have wired the two fans that were made by Harbor Breeze, incorrectly. I was instructed to call him back out to check over his work. I replied to the Lowe’s man on the phone that I could call another electrical company and they could confirm to me what I already now, that something is defective in the fans. He replied that if there were known defects, Harbor Breeze would issue a recall.

  28. My ceiling fan has two lights – circular one above, halogen (I think) in the lower dome-shaped part. Fan blades are between the two. It was in the house when we moved in 6 years ago. The lights no longer turn on with the remote, so I was thinking I just need to replace the rc unit. The light is mounted on a very high ceiling, so I would appreciate advice before I get a scaffold put up to get to it. Also, what remote units are available for units with two lights?
    And yes, public replies to the questions asked would be very helpful, and would avoid many repeat questions!

  29. i have the same problem as most of the people on this site. the harbor breeze fan/light with the fan working and the light is not….what should be done? a whole new fan/light or should the light kit be replaced? Why is this happening?
    Please any help is greatly appreciated!

  30. I seem to be having the same problem that everyone else is having. My fan is working, but the lights are not. Can someone contact me with possible solutions or a way to get a replacement light kit?


  31. in 2011 I purchased 4 harbor breeze ceiling fans from Lowes all the same.. the chain to turn on lights stop working after a years and now the stupid lights blink off and on .What’s so bad is all these people writing in with the same problem and you don’t want to replace our ceiling fans, there not cheap fans.. and should last longer than 2 years.. To me you’re not a company to stand behind your work..I’m make a report to better business and to the government for a accident waiting to happen, the electric company that came out said get rid of the fan because everything else checked out good… Can’t believe you don’t care if we get our fan fixed or not..thanks

  32. I have a Meriden Ceiling Fan that I cannot get the push-in bulbs out of. I have had several maintenance techs try to get the bulbs out and they were not success either. How do I get the bulbs out?

  33. I purchased a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and installed it about a year ago. Everything worked fine, but recently the lights are going off on their own. The fan works fine and the bulbs and remote don’t appear to be the issue. I turn on the light switch and the lights go on for a few seconds, then they just go out. I can repeat the process but the result remains the same. The same goes for the pull chain. The problem just began last week out of nowhere. Nothing hit the unit, no power problems in the house. Please advise.

  34. I have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan..unsure of the model number. I’ve had it for a while. It’s beautiful however I never get to use the lighting because the canister type brushed nickel casing seems to get extremely hot, to the point of being able to smell it. I got it on sale years ago, which probably means it’s discontinued and I’ve changed the bulbs several times. Anyone have a suggestion ?

  35. The remote control to our harbor breeze fan has recently experienced water damage and will no longer work. I am able to control the fan via the light switch and the pull string, but I cannot get the light to turn on. Will a replacement remote control solve the issue, or do we need to re-wire the fixture?

  36. My harbor breeze light kit quit working. Fan works fine. Took light kit apart and unplugged and inspected connections. Bulbs are the original that came with the fan. Reconnected everything and now the bulbs all flash together. There is no dimmer or remote control nor is there a wattage governor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  37. My lights stopped working on the Harbor Breeze 52 In. Crosswinds. The fan still works, but no lights. I’ve replaced the bulbs and that doesn’t seem to be working. Looks like other folks have similar issues. Please advise.

    • I am looking for replacement bulbs for my ceiling fan. Anybody knows where I can get them?? Lowes, Home Depot and others that I have tried, do not have them. Let me know if someone has bought them and where. Thanks

      • We are experiencing this same problem, finding a replacement bulb for the light. We have tried every store in San Angelo, Texas to find the bulb to no avail. Can we order the bulb?

  38. The light kit stopped working. I believe the 3-way switch is the problem. I am looking for a replacement part. Lowe’s has the switch but not the square plug-in connector that connects to the fan. Is there some place that i can order this part.


  39. mine is a three blade unit with light and remote. it turns the light on by itself! I’ll see the light back on through a window and ask every,one in my family who left it on, only to turn it off and have it turn itself on again. with all the posts about light NOT working, how did I get one that turns back on by itself? does anyone get any response from the manufacturer? are these things just expensive junk?

  40. Hello everyone, I had all the same light problems you all describe. I fixed very easily by removing wattage governor, the black box with the chipboard. Light and fan work perfect now. Only took a few minutes and a couple tools and a wire nut. Best of luck, they are nice fans to have.

  41. had problem with light going off after about 1 second … reset main panel breaker for 2 minutes and then it worked fine ….not sure how this is different from flipping the wall switch off fo two minutes????

  42. You’re kidding me ! Well over 67 people with the same problem and NO ONE on this forum has offered a solution ? I too have the same thing happening to my three Harbor Breeze fans. It’s frustrating to not be able to find anything on the internet about these fans. Lowe’s just laughed at me when I complained. I heard a “click” when the lights went out so I took the cover off the light kit and held onto the two little black boxes inside. Sure enough one of them started getting HOT, went “click” and out went the lights.The one with three wires and circuit board inside was the culprit. I couldn’t find this replacement part because I have no idea what it’s called. If Anyone can help me with the solution to this problem I would GREATLY appreciate it. E-mail me at getridofit56@yahoo.com and let me, along with ALL these others, know what’s going on Thanks, Dave

  43. Why would any company have a support blog in which answers to problems were not posted? This is the concept of the forum. If there are any answers being provided in some fashion I ask the mystery support people to contact me. Same problem as many above. No lights, fan works, bulbs good and correct, reset breaker for 2 minutes…no luck.

  44. Ok, I had the same problem with my Harbor Breeze light kit as most of you, I turned on the light one day and got a pop, flash and then no light. Here is how I fixed it step by step:

    I pulled the light kit off and inside found a black box with three wires (blue, white, black) marked on my fan as Chungear Industrial, Model no MS80A that contained a circuit board which was burned out. The black wire connects to the pull switch for the lights, the blue supplys power from the wiring harness connector and the white connects to the rest of the ground (-) wires coming from the sockets. This looks like a relay, Chungear’s site labels it a wattage govenor and I don’t know why it was used in this application. Is there an electrical engineer in the house?

    Anyway, clip the wires then remove the white completely from the wire nut connecting it with the other white wires or tape it off. Then connect the blue and black wires with a wire nut and let there be light!

    I promise to update this post if this fix results in fire or electrocution.

  45. Lights are inoperable on my 52″ HB Southlake Bronze. I have tried all the aforementioned remedies. What is the remedy that works HB CUSTOMER SUPPORT? I will post this problem with your product on facebook as well in order to reach a broader audience in gaining help. Your swift reply is requested. Yes I do have my receipt still.

  46. I have the same issue as just about everyone on here. The fan is fine but no lights. I have removed the black box and circuit board but, is this the issue? Can I get a replacement for this part? Also with some suggestion that you bypass it, what is the risk in doing that? Thanks for your time.

  47. Same problem. fan works light does not. I have 4 of these fans and 3 of them have the same problem. Is there a video on how to access the black box and bypass it? I am not electronically inclined. Moreover I rent the house and want to make sure I don’t do anything that would damage the fans any further.

  48. fan light flickered,would go out and then come back on
    and then stopped work’n all together. Did what was suggested,
    removed black relay box and rewired. Light works, Happy,Happy,
    Happy!!! I have just one question,why was the light designed to
    have “the black relay box” and is it safe to use the light with out it ?
    just ask’n,don’t want to be standing out side my house in my under ware
    at 2am watch’n the fireman put the fire out and the fire marshall tell’ me he thinks it started in the dinning room fan light

    • The black box relay was installed to avoid over heating due to people using more than 190 watts. It’s job was to reset and correct the overage. Since you removed that safety feature, you will have to be very careful not to go over that amount or you could cause the wires to overheat start a fire. I’m sure each fan is different but mine has 4 bulbs with a max of 190 watts total. Mine recommends four 40 watt bulbs. It’s no problem for me to remember the 190 watt rule but, if I ever sold my house and forgot to tell the next owner and something happened, I would be beside myself. I am calling customer service Monday and doing it the right way. These fans have a lifetime warranty so I’m hoping I can take care of this without putting anybody in danger.

  49. Did what was suggested,
    removed black relay box and rewired. Light works, Happy,Happy,
    Happy!!! I have just one question,why was the light designed to
    have “the black relay box” and is it safe to use the light with out it ?
    just ask’n,don’t want to be standing out side my house in my under ware
    at 2am watch’n the fireman put the fire out and the fire marshall tell’ me he thinks it started in the dinning room fan light

  50. My ceiling fan’s lights one day flcikered on then off. It stayed off. I fixed it by bypassing the small black box with the circut board in it. Connected the black and blue wires, blocked off white wire with a wire net and taped the other end together with some electrical tape. After, it worked fine.

  51. Ok. Everyone pay attention. If your fan lights are not working and they worked in the past and the bulbs are good, here is your solution.
    Turn off the power to the unit. Open the bottom compartment where the switch and bulb sockets are attached, and find the little black box with the three wires coming out of it. Cut the three wires close to the box and remove the box from the unit.
    Strip a bit of insulation off thr red and blue wires, and twist the together securely. Cap them with a wire nut or sime electrical tape although tape is sort of a sub standard job. Next, either cap the white wire, or cut it very short next to the wire nut that holds all of the other white wires together.
    Reassemble yor light/fan without the black box and give it a try. Should work fine.
    The black box has a fuse and power relay and some other circuitry that I’m sure is suppose to add a measure of safety but there is obviously some design fault here. Force it open and you may find that it is charred inside. For years fans were made without these black boxes. I suggest you put them in an envelope and send them back to the company.
    Good luck to you all.

    • THANK YOU Tom Sadowski! We had the “light flicker” and then the lights stopped working at all. We had tried everything. We replaced the bulbs. We replaced the switch in the light kit. We bought a new light kit that Lowe’s said would fit, but it was clearly too small. PLUS, it wouldn’t have fixed the problem. Removed the black box and bypassed it and – Hallelujah – we have light for first time in two years! I was curious and opened the box but didn’t see obvious signs of damage or short circuiting. Still, it fixed the problem.

      Since no one else has posted about doing this and then burning their house down, I’m going to assume it’s safe 🙂

  52. We purchased Harbor Breeze 52 in. Crosswinds fan model #00264 about a year ago. Recently the light started to shut off on its own after being on for about a minute or so. Turn the power off and on the light comes back on and then off again. The fan seems to work just fine. The remote seems to work just fine. I hear a click just before the light goes out. My daughter and son inlaw had issues with the same fan and just took out the receiver box and rewired direct. Took care of the problem for them using no remote. I would really like to continue using the remote. Any idea what is wrong?

  53. Since I bought and had my ceiling fan/light (with remote) installed I’ve had some issues with the light. My immediate one now is that I can get the fan to go on but not the light. The last time I turned off the light was last night – using the remote – now I can’t get the light to turn on regardless of what I try. There also have been times I the past when I’ve had to keep playing with pushing the remote. Turin before the light would go on.
    I am not an electrician and have no clue how to get this working.

  54. I ordered a replacement box CBB61 on amazon.com for $5. I’ll let you know it works. http://www.amazon.com/Amico-Ceiling-Capacitor-CBB61-450VAC/dp/B008DEZHT4/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1THAZDOWP300U.
    I will also try cutting the Box out of the wiring. In my lighting kit the black box only has to two wires coming out of it white (assume is earth) and red (assume is live. Guessing the red needs to be attached directly to the black wire that goes down to where the light bulb pull chain box is. If you don’t see me repost, then probably shouldn’t copy above -:) I will repost when if the rewiring works with two wire box (vs the more common 3 wire boxes already mentioned). Also will repost if replacement box CBB61 resolves lighting issue. As with everyone else, the fan still works.

  55. @ Donna, my husband and I have the same fan as you. We had the same problem, lights just wouldn’t work anymore. See Tom’s post above yours! He was exactly right and we still are able to use the remote.
    1) cut power off at electrical box
    2) Open the light housing (mine was white)
    3) locate small black box inside with 3 wires coming of it (mine were red, blue, white
    4) cut all 3 wires loose
    5) cap off the white one by itself
    6) twist the red and blue (slightly stripped) wires together and cap off with a wire nut.
    7) put light housing back together, turn on power and lights (may need to pull the chain)

  56. I have a harbor breeze ceiling fan with light kit that is giving me problems. Lights quit working followed by the smell of burnt electronics. Took the light kit apart to find a fried circuit board labeled “Model No. MS80A”. Is it possible to find this part? Lowes Doesn’t have it. What does it do? Thanks

  57. I have a ceiling fan with a light kit attached. A few months ago the lights stopped working. I took down the light kit and smelled fried circuits. I replaced one of the capacitors that had 5 wires, since i read online that was probably the problem, and it still didn’t work. Then i noticed the 2nd black box with 2 blue wires was melted underneath. I do not know where to get a replacement or how to fix it. Should I remove it? If so, do i just connect the wires together or leave them apart? The diagram on the black box says “AC IN L” on one wire “AC IN N” on the second and shows the picture of what looks like a light where they meet.

  58. I just had my Harbor light fixture go out. After reading up from website I cut out relay black box to light fixture and wired directly to white and red or blue wire. It fixed the problem immediately. Hopefully this will answer all unanswered questions on chat

  59. I have a Harbor Breeze Lansing (#0176493). I am experiencing a similar issue as most, if not all, of the customers in this forum, but slightly different. when I turn the fan lights on (from the switch) the lights will come on but will turn off at random times. Also If I use the pull chain to turn the fan blades on/off, the lights will go off, some time it takes two pulls, some times it takes one, no pattern?

  60. I have two of the Crosswinds model. I changed the light bulbs in one of the fans from the 40 watt bulbs that came with the fan to 7W equivalent CFL hoping for a little brighter light (as we have done this with others and been successful) and the lights quit working. I took the light system off and connected it to the other fan that I have and it works. The problem obviously is not the light set, but something with the wiring in the fan to the power source. The troubleshooting manual that comes with the fan says it has a limiter that if you used more than a combined equivalent of 180 watts the light system will stop working and then you can install lower wattage bulbs. Based on my experience and everything listed on this forum, I would say there is a bigger issue at hand.

  61. We have two Harbor Breeze fans that are identical. The one in the bedroom went out and now the one in my office is doing the same thing. At first the the lights dim and then get bright then they flash bright then dim – all this without any tampering by our part. First the lights did this then the light quit working altogether but the fan continued to work. Finally, the entire fan doesn’t work –
    no light no fan. We finally had to replace the bedroom fan because my husband
    could not figure out what the problem seemed to after taking it apart. If we
    can fix the current malfunctioning fan and light we could save time and money – any ideas? Both fans have a remote – we tried changing the battery in the
    remote but this didn’t help either – Many thanks – We love all our Harbor Breeze fans and have four of them – Joy Bowers

  62. We went to Lowes and got a universal light kit replacement for harbor breeze. (My wife doesn’t like the multi light with flower shaped glass.) The problem is that ours had 3 way switch and speed controller with several wires. The HarborBreeze light has a multi wire plug and the replacement kit only has a couple of wires (white black ground). Plus it did not have a secondary control for the fan (no forward reverse switch, no chain). If these are universal, they reduce the functionality of the fan and light. We’re taking them all back. (got 3). Plus, not sure I like the fan chain going through the side of the white dome…

  63. I (installer), recently installed the 52″ Centerville Fan, Model 40118, item #403518, for a customer. We had previously returned another one prior to this one due to lack of parts. The fan had been returned to Lowe’s by a previous buyer. We noticed one of the light kit screws, (GG), had been boogered up pretty bad where they had attempted to remove as per instructions. Additionally, we noticed the same screw on the unopened box could NOT be removed! We installed the light kit with the remaining two screws, placing the light kit housing over the screw we could NOT remove. Harbor Breeze has a SERIOUS credibility problem here, not to mention the seller, Lowe’s as well. After reading all the problems on this web site, I would NOT purchase one, nor would I recommend it to anyone either.

  64. Hello, fan and lights worked perfectly for about a year and then recently whenever I flip the switch, the lights will turn on for a few seconds and then shut off while the fan keeps going. There is no buzzing sound and electricity flows fine to the fan. How can I fix this?

  65. I have a similar problem as some I’ve read above. When we turned the ceiling fan on one day we heard a loud pop and then saw smoke coming from the fan. When I took the light kit off I notice the black box was the problem. It has a model number of 98480x and a part number of 98480-09. It also has 120V-60Hz 300W Max. Is this a part Harbor Breeze will replace or do I need to try to locate one in an electronics store?

  66. my two hb fans are horrible! after paying 400 dollars to have them professionally installed they make such a loud humming noise I called the number on the directions to talk to a woman who said the fan would not work well with that. i am mad

  67. I bought the 9-blade helicopter fan last winter. Maybe used it a half dozen times since. Now the light blinks constantly and the fan won’t turn on. I’d noticed before it didn’t work anymore that it was making a electrical humming noise. Should I return and have replaced or is there a simple fix for this? I was warned not to buy anything besides Hunter fans

  68. I have a year old avian ceiling fan hanging in my vagina and the light quit working. Amazingly there are no answers above and my vag could you a better douche then this forum.

  69. After installing the cieling fan and light kit, one of the lights will not work, eveything else is operating just fine, it is just the one socket. Springield II Ceiling fan, model #E-BD52LABZ5BC4N

  70. Just installed harbor breeze hive series in small bedroom. I can live with dim light. But first time I turned fan on, it was very powerful. Turned it off and back on and never that powerful again. Anyone had this problem? Thanks.

  71. I have a Harbor Breeze 54″ Brushed Steel Cefiro Ceiling Fan w/remote in my main room. Has worked fine since I bought the house last year. Haven’t changed the bulbs or anything. Two nites ago, about 10 minutes after turning the fan up to medium with the remote, both the light and the fan turned off and won’t respond to either the remote or any of the 3 wall switches that control it. Do I have to take it down and replace the remote receiver on the fan motor and/or the wattage limiter? Where can I get parts?

  72. I’m a little frustrated because the replacement bulb I purchased from Lowes for my HB Southlake does not fit, although I had the exact specifications for the bulb (T4 minican JD E11). I went to 2 other retailers with same specifications–the bulbs, although they appear similar, will not fit in the socket. I’m not sure if it is the bulbs or if there is a problem with the socket (fan is about a year old). If it is the bulbs, it is a major inconvenience to have to purchase online and not be able to purchase locally.

  73. We have had the Harbor Breeze fan with light for part of one summer and had heard a popping sound when turning on the light switch. One day the lights quit working so thought a bulb was burned out. Took out a bulb and then a couple days put it back in and the light worked again. Today the circuit breaker blew and we couldn’t get the breaker to stay on. We took the wire off of the fan and now the breaker is working. What is wrong with this fan as it worked for the first few months it was put up?

  74. After 2 years the lights on our Harbor Breeze fan quit when one of the bulbs blew out. Called the company and they said it is the government required wattage regulator. They sent me a new one which they said would be easy to install…..yeah right! Trying to decide if it’s worth getting an electrician to install. Will probably cost more than the fan is worth…..but can’t find another fan we like. Frustrated!

  75. http://www.fan-light.com/product.php?id=227
    this is a current limit system so the you the customer dose not put over 190 watts of light bulbs in your fan unit you can but this and replace the unit if you need. safety first but is you only run 40 watt light bulbs then you can remove the unit and cut and cap white wire put blue to black switch wire and you should be good to go. just remember do not surpass the listed wattage or you may cause a fire.

  76. We have had a Harbor Breeze for about two years. Recently the light will turn off on its own. We have to turn the fan/light off at the wall switch for a few minutes then flip the switch the fan starts then in about a minute or two the light comes back on. Any idea of what the problem might be?

  77. Greetings to my fellow Harbor Breeze enthusiasts..(haha) I recently purchased a new never before opened from Lowes. I have the same Light problem described in this forum. I am very interested in cutting out the little black box, however my fan doesn’t work either. After verifying my wiring job 4 seperate times I called the Lowes Customer Care line 1-800-bring it back for exchange. I wish cutting the little black box out would fix both issues. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as it is a 1 hour drive each direction back to Lowes.

    Thanks in advance for your comments

  78. We just purchased three Harbor Breeze – Springfield II Ceiling Fans. The electrician installed all three and the fans are working great. However, everyday, maybe 5-7 times a day, when we go to turn the light switch on, the lights go on and then off again immediately. We then have to shut the light off and on again and that does the trick until next time. It doesn’t happen every time though which is strange. Two of the fans are missing one bulb each, one was crushed the other didn’t work. I was wondering if that was the cause but then the fan that had all 4 bulbs did it too so it’s definitely a malfunction of some sort. I plan on calling the customer service number to find out why this is such a problem. I may have the electrician make a fix via the above suggestions.

  79. My light is not working on my Harbor Breeze fan. The fan is working but the lights are not. I can her a clicking noise from the fan when turning the light switch on at the wall. I think it is the black box that isnt working. Is it ok to wire it up without the black box?

  80. I installed (2) Aero 52 fans with remote Fan/Lights a few years ago. Recently the light would not turn on with/without the remote. Fan is fine. Then it started coming on after pushing the light remote button a dozen or so times. At first I thought it could be interference but now it seems I also am a victim of poor workmanship. I actually have a 3rd fan unopened so I am tempted to replace the whole unit but when I called Lowes, and they directed me to the company that makes the fan … the CSR simply said … “Sounds like it went bad” Buy a remote kit.” (Please insert your own indifferent tone and Texas accent as he could clearly care less.) Never stop improving !!!! LOL

  81. We had a HarborBreeze ceilng fan light and fan installed by a electrician first time we used the light was last week when we sat on the porch with company and the light came on for just a short while than started a constant strobing. We tried to check bulb but same thing happened called HarborBreeze at 1-800-643-0067 gave them Model #00831 told her my problem and she said we will ship a new one and would get it in 5-7 days. So this must be a common problem they are made in China so what should we expect.

  82. I’m so aggravated. I am paying the electrician to come back un-install these stupid harbor breeze fans and I’m going to buy 3 new hunter fans. So much for saving a few pennies, not worth it for all these light problems.

  83. I too have a problem with the light kit on my 5 year old Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. I called customer care 800-444-6742, followed the prompts, explained my problem to a customer service agent. They are sending me a new light kit, free of charge.

  84. I too had the problems above. Fan working but lights suddenly not. Bulbs checked out, chased the power to the voltage limiter (small black box prior to the wires leading to the bulbs) and found that to be the problem. Cut it out of circuit and lights back on. There are part numbers on the voltage limiter. Google the number and decide for yourself if you need it.

  85. We recently (few months ago) purchased a Harbor Breeze 52 inch Crosswinds Ceiling Fan with a light kit that has 3 lights that use 40 watt bulbs which came with the unit. We bought this unit in hopes of having plenty of light in our bedroom and still have a ceiling fan. The lights works good at first but was not as bright as we hoped. Then they began to flicker and get dimmer. The lights now are so dim the night light in the wall is brighter than it is. Reading all the post here this is definitely a problem of the product and the company should stand behind it. My unit has a black box with 5 wires, the light switch, and the fan reverse switch. Going to go buy a different brand unit.

  86. I have the sane problem with my lights not working and I hear a click noise. Checked into it and it is the little black box bdescribed above by many people. I read through all of the comments but only found that the fix may be cutting out the black box and reconnecting the wires . . . may try that but for sure I will never buy anything from Harbor fan or any company connected to it.

  87. have a harbor breeze purchased last year at lowes was sit a my computer and seen the light dim and i turned to look and the light wentout and fire and smoke came out of the lower part of the light fixture i shut off power and the fixture was very hot to the touch and was still smoking removed the bottom of the light fixture and found the switch and a black box burnt there was a lot of smoke what happened ?

  88. I have a harborbreeze ceiling light with fan when you turn it on the light flickers on and off it has the small lights in it and the switch is all one piece I looked at lowes and they told me to contact the website please get back intouch with me so I know what part to have sent to me @bdm198@aol.com thank you

  89. We have a Harbor Breeze Fan that has been in since May 2012, with very limited use. The fan now works but when we turn the lights on, either by remote or pulling the chain, the lights blinks for a second and then goes off. We cannot get them to stay on.

    Any ideas as to how we might fix it?


  90. I recently bought and installed the Harbor Breeze Pawtucket ceiling fan/light and think I have a bad receiver. My house power is fine – black is hot at 120V, white is neutral and goes hot once switch is flipped. Of the black and white lines going through the fan and to the light fixture, only the white/neutral line is giving 120V once switch is flipped on…the black/hot line is dead at 0V. I’ve tried syncing the remote with the receiver numerous times with no luck. The receiver is not allowing voltage to pass through it. I tried calling HB customer support a few times now only to get a busy signal each time.

    Has anyone else had problems with the HB Pawtucket model? I’ve never had problems with HB ceiling fans until now.

  91. I have a Harbor Breeze Saratoga fan that is 3 weeks old, fully controlled by remote (lights & fan). It worked perfectly for a week, now I can’t turn off the lights. The remote battery is new. Any suggestions on what is causing this problem?

  92. I wish that Harbor Breeze customer service could help to fix the problem with my brand new fan lights k won’t turn off). It sounds like it’s a mistake to buy a Harbor Breeze Saratoga

  93. Harbor Breeze is junk. The fan and light cannot be turned on or off with the remote control. I have changed the batteries several times and it works once then never again until I change the batteries again. No other way to make this piece of junk to operate. DO NOT BUY ONE. Get a better quality ceiling fan and light.

  94. Purchased two fans with lights. Set to different frequencies for each. Fans work, lights work, remotes work; however, the one fan and/or the light will come on by itself. I’ve removed the batteries from the controller, only to return to the room and it’s on again. My son gets freaked out by this, especially at night when he’s sleeping.

    The 3 blade fan/light has no issues, other than when it’s on high, it will go out of balance.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • My husband and I just moved into a new house and we have the same problem with the light turning on in the middle of the night for no reason. It does not happen during the day. We joked that it was a ghost, so I understand how it freaks your son out. Now it is a serious problem because we are waking up about 4 nights a week at least 2 or 3 times due to the light. The irritating part is that there is no rhyme or reason as to when this happens..which makes it creepier. Someone please help!

  95. Just moved into a house this last month, and they have Harbor Breeze fans in every room. That would be a major perk, but only one room is working as it should right now.

    Living room: when I turn the switch to the on position the lights turn on for a second and then go back off.

    Master bedroom: when I move the switch to the on position the lights and the fan go on. The buttons on the wall switch and remote don’t have any control over the lights or fan speed.

    Guest bedroom 1: the fan works, but the lights don’t turn on.

    Guest bedroom 2: everything works as it should.

    I live in Florida, so some of the issues could be related to power surges. I suspect that I may have too many watts in the living room light bulbs since it is running 2 fans from 1 switch and it says it has a 300 max wattage. I haven’t tested this theory yet.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  96. I’ve purchased 2 Harbor Breeze fans in last 4 years with the same exact thing happening… Fan works, lights don’t.!! I don’t understand.. Seriously are these made to only last a few years ..!!! Very disappointed with this company. HOME DEPOT IT IS FOR ME

  97. Our fan is brand new and the lighting is very dim. Nothing is working anymore neither the light not the fan.
    We called the company and the lady on the phone was impatient and very rude to my father who has health problems.

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