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You can contact us for anything related to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans products. We will get back to you ASAP.

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  • Lisa Schulman says:

    Hi, I need a dome replacement. Very unusual shaped oval cobalt blue ceiling fan w/lights. The glass that holds the bulb fell off and shattered all over the place. BTW, what a huge mess. Please help.
    Lisa ;-}

  • chris says:

    I need a part and Lowes don’t have it so please call me around noon time at 931-252-3911

  • moises says:

    Hi I am looking for a small black box that goes on the inside of the fan. Can you email me to give you the code # of the part thank you.

  • Ian says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the glass done off the ceiling fans to replace the light bulbs. I’ve pushed pulled twisted and to no avail. I bought a house with them so I don’t have a manuale

  • Kathleen Himmer says:

    Blade broke off of fan while running.
    My husband was very fortunate that he was not hurt. He turned on the fan and one of the blades broke off the fan.
    It hit another blade, and then the custom woodwork trim before it landed on the floor.
    This was caused by metal fatigue. I have photos of this but am unable to post them to this contact page.

    • Ryan Volk says:

      This exact same thing happened to me on the same day,June 30th 2013, blade broke off, the metal was broke right in half, dont want to know what would have happened if it would have hit my sister, it came within inches. Needless to say how upset I am that this broke and damn near hurt someone. What can we do

    • Laurie Kraemer says:

      Same thing happened to us. We installed it 15 months ago. Were you able to find a replacement bracket.

  • lamont says:

    This is the second fan I bought from harbor breeze and they both are for hazards.

  • Judi says:

    We installed a fan less then 6 months ago and the same thing happened to us as described above. The fan blade just snapped off at the metal bracket. I can’t find a replacement anywhere.

  • Jessica says:

    My 52 inch harbor breeze fan became unbalanced after about 6 months, so we stopped using it since it was rocking back and forth like crazy. I thought it was because of the bracket inside the ceiling was loose or broken, but turns out the metal arm/blade holder had been bent on one of the blades. But it was impossible to bend it back, no idea how it got so morphed out of shape…. Trying to find replacement blade holder… Lowes Customer Care told me this number might work, but havent called yet: 800-643-0067.

    • Jessica says:

      want to add, I have two of these fans in my house: the unbalanced one is in the front entry to the house, another is in the living room. The one in the living room is working beautifully, never any issues after 5 years.

    • Dee says:

      This telephone number above does work and they will send you any parts you need. No hassles. I just ordered a replacement for the metal part that attaches the fan blade to the fans itself. It just snapped off. They are sending it FREE of charge…great company who stands behind their product….
      Good luck!

    • Janice says:

      Lowes also gave me 800-643-0067 but when I try calling there is message saying they will be closed Friday April 3rd and reopen on Monday, then you get disconnected. Same thing on the 800-444-6742.

  • Matt hall says:

    I have the crosswind and the little transformer type box in my light kit almost set my house on fire. Luckily I was sitting at home when the light stopped working and started smoking. When I open the light kit there was a complete meltdown of the black box. What am I suppose to do, plus I don’t want another light kit like this in my house, I don’t know what that part is for but it’s not worth loosing my house over!

  • Dave says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze fan which uses these tiny little bulbs with the sockets the size of old-fashioned Christmas tree lights. THis fan looks fantastic but the bulbs last like a week. I have spent more on these stupid bulbs than I have on the fan itself. I don’t expect an answer by the company (I don’t see any here for any of the posts) but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is some way to replace the little sockets with real light bulb sockets?

  • mike says:

    I have a H.B. duel light kit. Remote has dimmer and fan speeds.
    Fan will not work and lights keep flickering.
    Had electrician trace to source of problem and it is a defective remote and receiver.
    Went to Lowes were it was purchased and they were happy to replace with a working unit…but could not duplicate code #.
    The manager suggested I contact you and ask for code since I am in California and it was to late to contact buy phone since you are located back east.
    If any body has same problem and came buy a resolution please let me know.

  • James Bolam says:

    I need to replace Halogen bulb (F2). Can’t find one any where.
    Lowes bulb is just a hair short and won’t make contact


  • Jerry says:

    I have 6 of these Harbor Breeze fans with light kit installed in my house. My contractor did this. They worked great for the first year. Now, I have 4 units that the remote controls do not work at all. I can’t use it to turn the fans on or off and I can’t turn on the lights. Biggest pieces of junk ever. Totally useless – wish I never ever heard of this crappy company.

  • gary nye says:

    hey I need a screw to hold the light glob up mess placed a screw

  • R. J. says:

    I need a comparable ceiling fan globe to one of your fans that has supposedly been discontinued. Is that possible? I don’t have the model# at the moment but can get it if it is possible to secure a similar globe.

  • ED says:


  • ED says:

    It seems by the comments that this product has many defective or lower grade products used in the manufacturing process. From comments of melted controllers to broken brackets and broken blades, it enough information for me to stay away from ever using this product in the future. The saying, you get what you pay for seems true with this line.

  • Steve Peters says:

    broken Harbor Breeze fan blade arm – how can I get replacement ??

    • marsha says:

      get the model # from fan..or take picture of Lowes..have them get the Harbort breeze folks on the phone..and email it to them.
      They will give you the model #
      Then…go to lowes and put in a parts order. Takes 2 weeks.

  • David Schuster says:

    I purchased a Harbor Breeze Tilghman outdoor ceiling fan in aged bronze from Lowes. It was mounted in my covered patio for about 6 months. One of the blades broke off right near the mount and I have not been able to locate a replacement anywhere. Can you help me find replacement blades or do I need to purchase an entirely new fan? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • marsha says:

    We had the romote quit on our fan..went into the base to get the part out and the bracket opened up and the fan fell..luckily it was over the bed..however the blade broke.

  • Al says:

    I am looking for a Harbor Breeze Slinger 72-in Brushed Nickel Indoor Downrod Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

    Lowe’s only has it, but Lowe’s does not stock it?


    This fan is a big hit, and many like it.
    I want one. But don;t have time to wait a week to get it.

    So who looses? Harbor Breeze! Lowe’s!

  • I have two Harbor Breeze MM557KTOIRC. They employ halogen bulbs which get very hot so I have the intensity set to 50% but that leaves the rooms too dark. I want to replace the halogen with LED bulbs. Problem: I can’t get the metal rings which hold the glass plate to unscrew. The rings have a sticker showing the direction to turn them but they don’t budge one iota. What to do? Thanks.

  • Leigh White says:

    Our fan blade broke at the metal bracket and threw the blade across the room. My child was not injured while witnessing this terrifying event but is now scared of fans. I see where others have had the same issue. Thank GOD no injuries have been reported.

  • John S says:

    I am looking at purchasing the 72″ helicopter Harbor Breeze Slinger fan, but don’t want to install/use the light kit. Is that required to install/run it?? The Person at Lowe’s said yes, but I can’t find anything online saying either way.

  • Joe c says:

    I have 3 fans in bedrooms,, 2 of them have had the blades fall off, due to metal fatigue. The blades just fell off breaking in half at the metal arm that connects them… Will not buy harbor breeze again, will inform lowes…

  • Jon Maida says:

    Where does one find just the 4 pin dip switch reciever..My MODEL#TDCVIII52BP5LKLRC??

  • Nicole says:

    We have two of these ceiling fans that just stopped working, using the remote and the light switch on the wall, after a power outage during a storm. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Phillip B says:

    Hi. I need a replacement remote for HB fan #LP8214LBN as soon as possible. How can I get a replacement?? SOMEBODY HELP

  • Litex Industries says:

    Litex Industries (1-800-527-1292) does not do customer care for all Harbor Breeze products. Please visit for assistance regarding Harbor Breeze products and disregard the false information this website advertises.

  • Beware says:

    Lowes customer service says that Harbor Breeze is sold exclusively through their stores and that they are not aware of any external web site for Harbor Breeze products or support. So this site may be fraudulent. Note that the customer care number listed on this site is actually the phone company directory service number (1-800-555-1212). And note that the site contains non-Lowes advertising, meaning that someone is generating money by masquerading as Harbor Breeze.

    I would recommend that you cantact Lowes directly via

  • Ed Waggoner says:

    I need the “seasonal switch” [summer-winter rotation direction] for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Where can I buy one, your web site does not list that switch, in fan parts. HELP!

  • Thomas Young says:

    Mazon Ceiling Fan ca. 3 months old. Installed new by electrician.

    AOK until 2 1/2 weeks ago when the halogen light bulb stopped


    After waiting maybe 4 days, I only tightened the old one (found a

    replacement but didn’t use it) and the light worked again. Same thing

    happened again 4 days ago. This time unscrewed the bulb and

    tightened it anew then it came on again. Home Depot guy said

    “Don’t touch the halogen bulb barehanded, use a glove or cloth”.

    Neighbor said “Don’t leave the halogen light on all night as


    Model #00873,00874,00875
    ETL Model #44-MZ

  • Robin Simpkins says:

    I have a new Habor Breeze fan and my remote will not work. the model number is LP8294 (FN670DWDC). Please help me to resolve this issue. I replaced the battery and it still doesn’t work. The contact number I had for you 800-444-6742 is not working now. What’s going on?

  • Ashley fischer says:

    I need a replacement part for my fan. It’s an odd shaped blade arm. Lowe’s doesn’t have it.

  • Capt Larry says:

    I would like to purchase a Harbor Breeze remote. I went to Lowes and they do not have the remote I need. The one I need is a “Learn” type. How and where can I order one?

  • David White says:

    Harbor Breeze Customer Service is a JOKE. Been waiting on 2 replacement fan motors (#200364) for a nice decorative bath fan/light (#80204) for 6 months and now have been told they will no longer be making this unit. BTW, these fans failed during the warranty period. I have now been told to go bye some new ones, get in your attic and remove the old ones and the rewire the new ones and re-connect your ventilation ducts. No problem, thanks for all your help. Your warranty is useless. I will never buy another Harbor Breeze product but what do you care?

  • Evan says:

    Buyers beware when purchasing a harbor breeze fan! I had one professionally installed 3 weeks ago. It worked fine for one week before the lights would not respond to the remote any longer and they will not turn off. Harbor Breeze told me that the receiver is defective and because its built into the motor, we have to take the entire fan down and return it to the nearest Lowes. I have a better idea: I’ll return the fan, get my refund and shop their competitors. I hope that Lowes has someone that looks on the internet for bad customer comments. I’m an angry customer who is not coming back and sharing the story of a defective Harbor Breeze fan as much as possible. If Lowes wants to protect their name, they need to work with vendors such as Harbor Breeze who can actually address customer complaints.

  • Marco Freitas says:

    I would like to get a contact number where i could order a remote for my ceiling fan

  • Randy Foreback says:

    I need to know how long the warranty is on a Harbor Breeze Fan and, where to go to make a warranty claim.

    Thank You

  • steve says:

    my harbor breeze fans light system popped at the same time,the fan still works,this is the same problem many here have.

  • Daisy says:

    This is Harbor Breeze number 1-800-643-0067

  • norman peart says:

    I have a 52 inch avian nickel ceiling fan and need a new remote but can not find any number on the remote both inside or out side. how do I order one and from where

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