Anyone can install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan at their home

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Harbor Breeze is a company which is known for making ceiling fans at an affordable price. It is a Lowe’s brand who are known for their “Do it yourself” home improvement products. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are the best choice of fans if you are looking to install them yourself at your home.
harbor breeze ceiling fan wiring instruction

Simple installation process

The installation process of a ceiling fan is pretty simple but you must follow the instructions clearly. There is no need to have prior knowledge on things because it is a fairly trivial process that can be done by anyone. If you do everything in an organized manner, it will be done in no time.To get a clear understanding of what to do, it is best to lay out the parts of the fan on a table. There will always be an instruction manual included and it will prove to be useful.

The first precautionary step you must do is to switch off the power supply before you start working with wires. You can also check the wires with a tester to ensure that the power stays off. It is also advisable to lock the panel box so that no one turns it on accidentally.

The ceiling fan must be mounted at least 7 inch above the ground for it to work effectively. Do understand that the fan must be mounted properly and screwed to the ceiling for it to hold good. If there is no hole in the ceiling for your electrical box, then you must cut one out using a driller. If you are replacing an old fan, then just replace the old electrical box in the ceiling with a new one. Now secure the mounting bracket to the electrical box in the ceiling. After this, you need to pull the wires through the hole in the electrical box.

Follow proper instructions during wiring, call professional help if necessary

The electrical connections part can be quite tricky and it is mandatory to have someone close by to help you out. The wires are color coded and you need to identify them by their colors . Usually black ones are for the fan, whites for common and blues for the light kits, if any. Then connect the wires from the electrical box with their corresponding ones in the fan.

The last step in installing your ceiling fan is attaching the fan blades to your mounting bracket. The screws and washers to be used while attaching the fan blades will be provided in the box along with your fan. You simply need to attach them at appropriate places and tighten the screws. Some fans do come with a light kit and and you just need to place the bulbs in place as the fan usually comes wired. All the instructions you need on this part will be provided in the instruction manual. Once all this has been down, check for any loose ends in screws and check if you have done every step in the instruction.

You have now successfully installed your ceiling fan. If your fan does not work or you face any disturbances, then it is advisable to call in a professional electrician to get the work done for you. Always proceed with caution when it comes to installing electrical products.

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