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Harbor Breeze is a well acclaimed in-house brand of Lowe’s ceiling fans. For almost more than six decades, Harbor Breeze has been providing affordable and at the same time best in class ventilation solutions for office, home and any other living space. The Harbor Breeze fans, are best, to say, they reduce costs, by serving up for both heating and cooling solution, thanks to their reversible thrusters and motors. In spaces that are air conditioned, but too big, for any effect to perpetuate, the Harbor Breeze fans drum up a solution, in class, designed suited for high rise ceilings and the likes perfectly. Not only affordable, but also Harbor Breeze fans have excellent energy ratings, to boast around. Being energy efficient, doubles up the benefit columns, bringing down the electricity bill and at the same time, letting you do your little part, saving the world for better. Best said at last, the main perk based on which you can choose Lowe’s Harbor Breeze fans is the variety it bring at your disposal. Insurmountable, if I may say so.
harbor breeze ceiling fans customer care
To go in perfect synchronization with their best in class products, and their replacement parts, Lowe’s has a whole team of experts dedicated to customer service and to clear up, on any queries, what so many ever happen to tumble on them. Harbor Breeze lets you get all the support from them, right from when you order you shipment from them. You will receive an E-mail when your order has been shipped. This E-mail from Harbor Breeze will include confirmation of purchase, shipping information, and the tracking number you will need to track your order. You can also call 1-800-445-6937 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) for additional assistance.

With online purchase ruling the roost, it is only natural that Lowe’s has a wide range of credit lines. You can visit, the Lowe’s Credit Services website/blog in their official website for all the details, without a speck left aside.

For any queries about your Lowe’s Credit Card, you can contact their Credit Center, 24*7 , on a weekday or a weekend irrespective of it. For questions about Consumer Accounts you can place your calls to 1-800-444-1408. For any queries about Commercial Business Revolving Accounts, you will be needed to call 1-800-444-1408. Further, any questions about Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts, you can simply dial 1-866-232-7443 and get your entire shambles cleared up.

This website will be updated regularly with Harbor Breeze fan manuals, tips on maintaining fans, finding replacement parts for fans and light kit as well as installation videos and guide. You can Contact Us via this form for any queries related to Harbor Breeze fans. We will try our level best to help you out.


The ideal room atmosphere must be free from moisture and stale odours. The presence of an exhaust fan becomes necessary when the room in question is cramped or small in dimensions or if it encounters a lot of footfall. Thus we get improved air quality and the room seems less stuffy when exhaust fans are used. In kitchens and other rooms were odours are produced like garages, it becomes somewhat necessary to install a proper exhaust fan system. There are quite a few types of exhaust fans that can be installed in your households.

Mostly exhaust fans are categorised according to the location in which they can be installed. Ceiling mounted exhaust fans are installed onto the ceiling and connected to the exterior through a duct system and the air is let out through the roof. Wall mounted exhaust fans are used in rooms which a wall along the periphery of the house. This means that a separate duct system is unnecessary. Inline exhaust fans are used in houses where a complicated duct system is already in place. The fans are installed along the duct system in this case. Kitchen range exhaust fans are designed especially for installation in kitchens. They help remove odours from the room and are very powerful. They are also attached to furnace hood if available.

The procedure of selecting the right exhaust fan depends on the size of the room and the amount of air to be displaced, depending on the purpose of the room. You will need to take into account the volume of air displaced by the fan in an hour, and the speed and power ratings of the exhaust fan in question. Harbor Breeze provides you with a large range of exhaust fans to suit all your needs/ So head on to your favourite online retailer or for a more extensive range of Harbor Breeze fans, to the Lowes store and browse through the extensive range of Harbor Breeze exhaust fans and select the model that best fulfils your requirements.


Double ceiling fans are designed for large rooms that require higher air circulation. The 2 fan units are angled away from each other for obvious reasons. They are designed for rooms of large dimensions and used to improve air circulation within the room. Their main purpose is to recirculate air in all parts of the room. It is mainly used so that air circulation is not restricted to the central portion of the room and is instead done throughout the room.

Double ceiling fans are available in different shapes and configurations. The most prevalent one is the inclined set, which features 2 fan units at an acute angle form the downrod of the unit. The angle of inclination can be adjusted in some models, but most models usually keep this arrangement fixed. The less common type is the unit in which the 2 fans are on a vertical axis and actually circulate the air in the top portion of the room in which they are installed. The type and model of double ceiling fans used usually depend on the dimensions of the room and the use to which they are put to.

For example, the smaller models are used in work areas where an air circulation is required in multiple areas of the room. The use of double ceiling fans ensures that the air circulation is focussed on more than one area. Depending on the size of the room, and the purpose for which the double ceiling fan is required, the inclination of the 2 fan units is determined. For example, if both target areas are pretty close, or if the room is quite small in width, the inclination between the 2 fan units does not have to be very large.

Harbor Breeze provides double ceiling fans in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all the above needs and requirements. Apart from providing excellent value for money, Harbor Breeze double ceiling fans are also extremely durable and energy efficient. So head on to the Lowes website, or any other e-retailer and start shopping for the double ceiling fan that you require.

Types of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze offers a varied selection of ceiling fans for you to choose from. They are segregated into various categories according to finish/decorative style, presence of accessories or Energy Star certification. Each category caters to the need of a specific demographic. It is up to you to browse through the various models available and choose one that suits your needs. However, it is also true, that most of these categories are also merely features of a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Most models contain a varied set of these features according to its model and type.

Energy Star certification

Several models of ceiling fans available under the Harbor Breeze brand are certified by Energy Star. This means that the energy efficiency of these models is impeccable. They provide you with the best value for money when observed over the long run and help cut down your electricity bills.
Bronze/Nickel ceiling fans

These types of fans differ only in their outward appearnces. Bronze ceiling fans have a bronze themed colour finish provided to the motor casing and the blades. The nickel type ceiling fans on the other hand, have a nickel themed finish on the motor casing and the blades. This category merely allows the customer to choose the thematic finish of the ceiling fan to suit his/her room décor.

Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fans

Indoor ceiling fans are low powered and smaller in size. This is because they have to displace only a specified volume of air and have to be able to fit into smaller rooms. Outdoor ceiling fans have to be highly powerful and extremely durable. Outdoor fans have to be made of extremely resilient material so that they can withstand nature’s elements and still function properly.

Remote controls and lighting kits

Certain models are compatible with remote controlled operation. This enables to you control the operation of the ceiling fan from the comfort of your couch. You can vary the speed of the fan, the direction of rotation and also dim the light fixture if available. Lighting kits are mounts present on the motor casing of the ceiling fan, that enable you to place a light fixture in a central position in the room. This enables you to obtain more wall space and uses the available celling space more efficiently.
These are the various types of ceiling fan models that Harbor Breeze provides.


Ceiling fans are put to almost constant use in every place that they are installed. While, reputed manufacturers like Harbor Breeze strive to provide you with high quality and durable products, wear and tear is inevitable, especially when it comes to ceiling fans. You might also plan on customising the look of your ceiling fans to match any changes in the room décor. For these reasons, Harbor Breeze provides a wide range of replacement parts for your ceiling fans. From blades to motor casings to light fittings, any replacement part you need can be easily purchased, if you can provide certain details.

The actual process of obtaining the parts that you need replaced is simplicity itself. But first, you will need to obtain all the details about the parts you intend to replace. Your ceiling fan will have a model number and a product ID assigned to it. This information will be provided on the bill of sale and the product brochure you received along with the product. If you do not have the brochure and the bill of sale you will need to check the motor casing of the ceiling fan for this information. It is usually engrave onto the casing in an easily viewable area.

Once you have this information you can narrow down the search for the parts you need replaced. You will have to filter out the replacement parts that you can use according to the type or model of product that you are using. If you have trouble doing this, you can get help through the dedicated customer care number available at the Lowes store. You will need to provide the representative with the details about your product and they will help you with ordering the parts that you need to get replaced.

Harbor Breeze Bathroom Fans

No one likes getting out of a nice, hot shower only to wait in front of the mirror for the fog to clear. Bathroom fans help vent the moisture in the air through a duct system, thus ensuring that your bathroom mirror is fog-free. They also eliminate moisture related problems by preventing the growth of mold and mildew. High humidity can also result in steamy mirrors and peeling paint. To avoid these inconveniences, you need to install the appropriate type of bathroom fan that you require. Harbor Breeze provides a wide variety of bathroom fans for you to choose form. Apart from venting excess moisture, bathroom fans also come with accessories like might lights and heaters for added advantage. The main criteria to select the right bathroom fan are as follows


A bathroom fan must be powerful enough to remove all the moisture content from the bathroom. This invariably depends on the size of the bathroom and the power of the bathroom fan installed. A fan’s ability to displace air is provide in Cubic Feet per minute or CFM. Most fans are rated within the range of 50 CFM to 110 CFM. The rating of the fan to be installed depends on the size of the bathroom in which it is to be installed. According to recommendations by experts, the performance rating of the fan must be such that it must be able to displace the volume of air in the bathroom 8 times per hour.


The amount of sound generated by home appliance is measured in sones. One sone is roughly the sound created by a refrigerator. A superior quality bathroom fan will have a sound rating less than 1.5 sones. It is important to note the sound rating of the bathroom fan before purchase.


The cheapest model is simply the air displacement unit alone, that consists of the fan and the duct arrangement. It simply replaces the air in the bathroom in a periodic manner. Bathroom fans are also available with additional light fittings that serve as night lights and also useful in removing redundant standalone light fixtures from the bathroom. Thus additional wall or ceiling space is available in the bathroom. Some bathroom fans are also styled decoratively so that they blend in with the rest of the bathroom décor and do not exist as yet another appliance. Some models are available with a heater unit. This enables you to control the temperature of the bathroom before and after you use it.

Harbor Breeze bathroom fans are available in durable and cost effective models that conform to the categories described above. The models are also Energy Star certified so that they are energy efficient as well. Harbour Breeze bathroom fans can be purchased online through various retailers. However if you want to browse through the entire range, your best bet would be to search the Lowes website.

How to replace the glass in your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan

Harbor breeze, one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to home improvement does not only pride itself in its excellent products, it is their customer support that has made them equally popular. After all, every other electronic good is bound to show some kind of trouble or the other, however you need not worry much about the issue, because you know you can trust in the Lowe’s brand to help you with your ceiling fan problems. Harbor breeze is one brand you would go back for, refer to your friends and even think of it as an excellent gifting choice, which it is! So, what are you wondering about? Since you already know how good they are, your next question must be where would be able to find their products? A good place to start would be their website, and mind you, do not go in for just about any website not familiar to you. There is a strong possibility that you may not get the genuine products you ordered for, so it is better to get the best from the original makers themselves.

As you might very well know, every harbor breeze ceiling fan comes with a beautiful lamp shade in the centre. These are one of the most striking features of their fans, and it is not uncommon for people to be faced with the trouble of replacing the lamp shades or light bulbs that could have been broken or maybe it is time for a change. So, the best place you will find the harbor breeze ceiling fan replacement glass is once again on their official website, some of the common ones often sold include, the portfolio white medallion, opal ceiling fan replacement glass, portfolio bronze ceiling fan replacement glass and so on, whatever variety of fan you already have, you can choose a particular glass replacement that matches it perfectly or sets a beautiful contrast, the choice is entirely up to you. However, you simply need to make sure before you go on to purchase that the glass you choose fits the shape of the original holder. You can always order online from the Lowe’s shop, depending on the type of shade and its availability, it will be shipped to your home anywhere between 24 to 72hours.

And once you have received the glass shade, you can very easily fix it on to your fan all by yourself. However, if at all you do feel like getting an expert’s help, then feel free to call up the Harbor breeze customer care toll free number and you are sure to get the help you asked for. Or if there is any defect in the product you have received, you can very well make use of their extensive customer service and your issue will be solved in no time! Buying a harbor breeze ceiling fan replacement glass is perhaps the tough part, since you need to look through way too many choices and decide which ones will go with your ceiling fan, but other than that there’s nothing very difficult about it, because harbor breeze products are a perfect combination of quality, performance and affordability.

Reassurance with Harbor Breeze replacement

Harbor breeze is one of the most popular brands among home improvement needs. It is not just popular; it is one of the premier home improvement brands in terms of utility as well as aesthetic value. The home brand of Harbor breeze, Lowe’s specializes in producing high quality fans, at affordable prices. They stand true to their motto; ‘Never Stop Improving’ all their products especially their ceiling fans are always on the top selling list of any home improvement store. They have a wide range of ceiling fans that suit every home need, irrespective of whether it is for heating or cooling purposes, the harbor breeze ceiling fan you choose will definitely live up to expectations.

They are unique in the sense that they not only have aesthetics to their credit, they also have the highly useful energy star labeling which means that these fans are energy efficient yet effective! There’s more to their plus side, these include illumination (the uplight included with your ceiling fan), and thanks to their effective circulation techniques, yes you can end up saving up a lot on your electricity bill, which is one thing that will always make you glad. Harbor breeze fans are available depending on your taste as well as to suit the general décor of your home. The most common models are the Cheshire, hunter and Westinghouse series, their price ranging from around $50 to about $150. These are usually available as a ceiling fan kit where in you will be provided with an easy do it yourself kit, consisting of the five blades, lamp shade and the whisperwind motor. Harbor breeze ceiling fans come in the 52-inch size or also in the 40-inch range, depending on your use.

Harbor Breeze: Quality and Affordability

Harbor breeze is one name that is synonymous with the twin benefits of quality as well as affordability. Most brands might claim the same; however it is best proven by Harbor breeze in not just their ceiling fan range, but in all of their other home improvement products. It is not just the price range that has attracted so many customers, it is their prompt customer support and after service that has made them such a household name. What with the various intricate parts in every ceiling fan and other external parts such as light globe or lamp shade, remote control and so on.

As much as there is so much of care taken during manufacturing Harbor breeze fans, there are several occasions where a replacement might be necessary for your ceiling fan or its parts. For instance, during renovation one of the fan blades could break or it could be just an accident that the globe broke. But, you need not worry at all because help, is at your fingertips, literally. And since you get lifetime warranty on your product, you can be rest assured that your ceiling fan will be as good as new in no time! So, just a few minutes of your time will lead you to that perfect replacement part, and voila, your fan is back. However, more than worrying about getting it replaced you need to first make sure that you buy them from genuine dealers because this is where you could easily get cheated out of your money. So the next question that immediately pops into your mind is where can you find such genuine harbor breeze replacement parts? Well, the answer is simple and is as follows.

Where to buy them

Where to buy Harbor breeze replacement parts is not a million dollar question, however if not carefully tended to, you could end up losing your money as well as vital information such as credit card information to fraudsters. The best and safe place to purchase any type of Harbor breeze replacement part such as ceiling fan blades, capacitors or even the globes would be at the Harbor breeze online store or at the Lowe’s store’s official website. Or you could also try with the popular retail sites however, do not venture into unknown sites that offer discounts and other sales that sound too good to be true, because they most likely aren’t!

It would be a tad more helpful if you could get to know the details such as model name and product identification number, so that it will make the entire process of searching for your replacement part a whole lot easier. Usually such unique details are found on the back of the motor of your fan. Once you specify such details as you search, you might end up with it in no time, and the part will be shipped to within two or three business days. At times, it is possible that despite knowing your exact model of the glass globe or lamp shade found on your ceiling fan, you may not be able to find it right away. Now, this is where you could seek their customer care helpline, available almost throughout the day on all 7 days. You will be connected to a customer care representative immediately, so once you explain your requirement; your order will be shipped at the earliest.

So, as mentioned you really needn’t worry about the entire process of finding the right kind of replacement because it is every bit a rare event. Should you be faced with it, you now know where and who to turn for help. Trust the makers of the original product, because nobody else will give a guarantee and not swindle your money at the same time. And when it comes to Harbor breeze, it goes without saying that they have the perfect ceiling fans, for the perfect home.

Everything you want to know about the Harbor breeze Light Kit

Harbor breeze is one of the most sought after brands in the home improvement department. Be it their ceiling fans, lighting solutions or any other home improvement tools and other accessories, Harbor breeze is one name you can reckon with and you will not regret it at all. The best thing about any Harbor breeze product is that they are energy efficient which is more than enough reason to buy them, because if you get your math right you will know that your electricity bill will be reduced to a great extent. This is indeed welcome information to anyone, especially during these tight financial times. Now, there’s more to Harbor breeze than just energy efficiency, there’s the fact that they have such a huge variety that come in various shapes, colours and sizes that you can very well choose the design that suits your home the best.


When you buy the harbor breeze ceiling fans, you will see that it has a beautiful lamp shade right in the centre. This often serves a double purpose, of circulation as well as lighting. You can also have the option of choosing different lamp shades, or if in case the bulb or shade is damaged then you can get similar ones or an entirely new set. A Harbor breeze light kit is available with the official Lowe’s online shop and also with the official harbor breeze website. Depending on the model of the ceiling fan you have chosen, the light kit will vary in shape as well as size.

Starting at just $25, the harbor breeze light kit is just a click away. The most common light kit models are the white matte finish kit, the Westinghouse light kit, the light brushed nickel with bowl shade, and the light brass ceiling fan light kit and so on. You could choose one among any of them, or there are a lot more varieties you will come across once you go through their catalogue, and believe me when I say that it is huge and you will certainly take time in deciding which one to purchase. There are so many other advantages you will get to experience. For instance, these are easy to fix light fixtures that will give you no hassle when you try fixing it yourself. A Harbor breeze light kit generally consists of two or three lamp shades, with the corresponding inner bulbs and also the accompanying screws and bolts.

harbor breeze light kit opal frosted glass

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are as popular for their illumination as they are for efficient cooling and heating purposes. So, to sum it all up, it isn’t just about the affordable price, or the energy efficiency, it is the whole package that matters, and this is where Lowe’s products never fail to exceed expectations. Should you have any kind of query or complaint (which is a rare possibility), you can always bank on their customer support which has always been prompt and will give you their best service, at all times.

Ceiling Fan Remote – One of the best innovations till date

The technology around us exists for one and one purpose alone: to make things easier for mankind. Every new invention is made keeping in mind that humans accept anything that they can operate right from their couch. Remote control for ceiling fans is one such invention which redesigned the way people operate their fans. There is no need for you to get up and go towards the switch every time you feel hot or cold. You can just sit on your bed or couch and adjust the temperature as you seem fit. Harbor Breeze is one company which is known for making quality ceiling fans at affordable prices. Most of their ceiling fans comes with remote controls.

A remote control just makes it a lot easier

Every house in this world has a fan coming down from the ceiling. Imagine a tired day and you are having a sound sleep at night when you suddenly feel cold. You have to turn off the fan but you feel lazy to get off the bed. Remote control for a ceiling fan is exactly for people like these. You could choose to turn on, turn off or control the speed of your fan right from the comfort of your couch. There is no need to pause your favorite movie just because you have to get up to switch on the fan! But just make sure your remote control is next to you before you settle down because no one will get it for you.

How to choose your ceiling fan remote?

Most of the top companies like Harbor Breeze which make ceiling fans come with a remote control option. Even for the ones which do not have the option, you can separately buy a remote control which is compatible with your fan. So if you decide to have a remote control for your fan, no one can stop you.

So what do you look for in a remote control? The default features include turning the fan off, turning it on and adjusting the speed. But there are more complex features available. For example, you can make the fan automatically detect the room temperature and change the fan speed automatically. You can also set the time so that it automatically turns off or on after a predefined time. Some remote controls even offer settings which not only control the fan, but also the light. It is always advisable for you to go for a far advanced remote control which has all these features instead of a simple one because you never know when you will need it.

The common problem that one faces with ceiling fan remote control is that the range of the remote might be too small and the fan might not pick up the signal. This problem might be solved by having someone who already owns a remote control ceiling fan to guide you through the whole process.

So it make sense to switch over to remote control ceiling fans because it just makes it a whole lot easier to control your ceiling fan.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – Light Problems

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans have grown to be one of the inexplicable brands, sought after for years, speaking of ceiling fans. Multi utility has also been a scoring point for Lowe’s in-house brand, Harbor Breeze, illumination being the foremost features of it. These illuminating solutions also have their fair share of faulty complaints and the corresponding solutions. To know more, read on.

The bulb wattage that comes with the ceiling fan kit is one of the majorly recurring problems in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Most of the complementing décor ceiling fans, in an effort to live up to the antiquities look or the regale look of the fan and the kit. These high wattage light bulbs often blow off, even when only the fan has been used habitually but not the bulbs. Candelabra bulbs are the ones prone to this ‘blown off’ phenomenon.  The problem is the frequency of bulbs blowing out. Even without using the fan. Even having tried reducing the wattage bulb used down to 40 and people still have been experiencing blowouts. You can search your local supplier for rough service light bulbs or replace with Compact Florescent CFC bulbs which have no filaments, they seem pricey but they last for a good 5 years and use 75 percent less energy.

Another recurring problem with the lighting kit in Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the dimness of the light bulbs in many a products. The 52″ Harbor Breeze Avian ceiling fan with a built-in light kit from Lowe’s is one of the products which have this dimness of the light problem. There is one but simple solution to this problem, you can simply hold down on the green light button on the remote and it acts as a dimmer for the light in the ceiling fan.

Often while dissembling and again fitting it back on the wall mountings, the pull chains and the light sockets go off the base power. It can be one of those black boxes in the switch housing something to look at or are the fan capacitors. The wiring can often be the problem in these difficulties, coming out of the fan are 4 wires, white, black, blue, green or bare. Bare goes to house bare ground wire, white to house neat(white), black to house black, blue to switched wire from the wall switch, it could be red, black or white, and that is where I suspect you miswired. Another way to get the light to work is connect the blue and black together and operate the light from its’ own pull chain switch. Also, make sure these are connected to the same hot wire from the ceiling box.

Pull chains going out of use is often a misdemeanor. The problem though oft based on forced handling of the pull chains, than faulty snippets, warrants a solution. You can change the light switch inside the housing. You can take the bottom 2 screw out and it will come down to get at it. You can pull apart the 2 wire so it will be easy for you to change the switch or take it to the store to get replace, or buy a new one. You can also try, to take it down and change the switch. It’s a little usually brown box inside where the chain connects.

Sometimes the Harbor Breeze fan acts like a strobe light, with no remote control working, and just the flip switch working. The problem is in the light relay. turn the power off then take the light kit off and you will see a relay that is connected to the lights, just cut the wires going into it and connect them to the wires coming out and throw the relay away. Now, put everything back together and flip the switch. Problem solved in a jiffy. This problem also sounds like the fan has experienced some sort of electrical surge. The receiver in the fan may be permanently damaged, or NOT. Find out what circuit breaker your fan is on, and shut it off, and leave it off for 2 minutes. Then turn it back on. If the problem still exists, the damage is likely permanent, and you may have to have it repaired from the Harbor Breeze customer service wing.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans possess great power effectiveness regulates due to their top quality engines. Additionally they include life time guarantees. A few trustworthy medical as well as technologies security government bodies also have licensed these types of fans because of its security issues. Are put in to any kind of housing space and may be located from Lowe’s location. Which means that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be found from online retailers and many of these price about $50. Harbor Breeze fans are available along with a number of add-ons that may effortlessly enhance or even incorporate in to the operating from the fans. Harbor Breeze fans tend to be suitable for a variety of space or even enclosures.